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Natural Ways to Help Increase Sperm

You may think that you are the only man out there who actually wants to increase your semen volume, but you are not. As a matter of fact, there are many men out there just like yourself who are in the market for different ways, preferably natural ones, to increase their own semen count.

Many times men just want intercourse to be more pleasurable but the fact remains that increasing semen volume makes a man much more fertile and can certainly contribute to the cause of having a baby or at least having another one. If you want children and your semen volume is low, that is probably going to be an extremely difficult task to accomplish. So for those who must know, here are a few semi-natural ways to increase your semen volume.

Supplements Can Help

If you are in the market for ways to increase semen volume and you have yet to try supplementation, perhaps you should slow your brakes and do so. Natural supplements are a great way to cure many of life’s ills, including infertility due to low semen volume. Arginine HCL is one way of increasing your semen volume, and you don’t have to buy a pill to get it into your diet. This is found naturally in foods like fruits and nuts, and is great for increasing your semen volume naturally. Also, amino acids like Lysine are great for increasing semen volume naturally, and these can also be found in your diet naturally if you are eating all of the right things. In some ways, amino acids are the most powerful ways of increasing your semen volume naturally and they can be found in pill form supplements and in the things that you eat every day if you eat like you should.

Withholding from Intercourse

Another great way of building up your semen volume naturally is to withhold from sexual intercourse for a few days at a time. After a while it completely defeats the purpose of holding out, but the longer you wait the more elevated your semen volume is bound to be. This is the soundest method of increasing semen volume without any supplementation or any change whatsoever accept perhaps a change to your lifestyle!

There are many ways of building up your semen naturally. If you want to increase your semen volume naturally, stay away from things that you know won’t work and that sound too good to be true and focus on the things that are reality. In everyday life there are many ways to go about building semen volume naturally, but you have to go through the changes of finding out which of these methods are going to work out the best for you.


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